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So many volunteers are involved behind the scenes to make things happen, but here are a few we'd like you to meet...

Melissa Mitchell

Visionary Leader

 - Partnership Development
- Strategic Planning
- Team Mobilization 

Anthony Wallace

Project Lead, IT Wrangler

- Logistics Analysis
- Network Engineering 
- Translation

Gabrielle Wallace

Communications Consultant

- Social Media Management
- Brand Development
- Project Engagement 

Bridget Stirling

Medical Advisor

 -Medical Clinic Organization
- Community Health Outreach
- Health Education Advocacy

Clint Mitchell

Community Liaison

- Stakeholder Engagement
- Member Care
- Project Promotion

Brenda Kent

Literacy Champion

- Literacy Project Development - Training & Support
- Education Program Promotion

Kattie Normand

Education Program Specialist

 - Program Evaluation
- Teacher Training
- Curriculum Development  

Eileen le Roux

Grants Specialist

- Research & Management
- Donor Relations
- Organizational Oversight 

Julie Keiswetter

Project Coordinator

- Activity & Resource Planning
- Project Management
- Reporting